Social Abundance – En vision för Skåne 2030

Region Skåne och Sveriges arkitekter bjöd in till en öppen idétävling, IMAGINE Open Skåne 2030. Vi utvecklade en strategi som baserar sig på fenomen som redan finns i staden idag, som Allaktivitetshuset och Hoffice Malmö. Vi ser dessa frön som ett tecken på en stark vilja inom civilsamhället att dela på resurser med vinsten av att skapa nya kontakter. Med rätt uppmuntran kan dessa rörelser bli fler och utvecklas till att påverka hela samhället till att bli mer inkluderande och öka tryggheten. I korthet, att stärka kontaktytor människor emellan, och bygga en väv av sociala nätverk där delandet av resurser blir ett sätt att mötas.

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openskane_social-abundanceSharing Space and Time

Increased consumption and extraction of natural resources pushes global inequalities and the development of the planet toward a precipice. But as the sharing economy’s capacity develops increasingly, private consumption and ownership as well as wage labor can be reduced and new networks are created. Subsequently, sustainability goals converge in an increased sharing both supports social, ecological and economic systems.

Overlapping Loops

Within the city, this opens up a range of new possibilities for which spaces citizens can access and use. More efficient and flexible use over time makes many functions that previously consumed a lot of space to occupy less space, such as traffic, office buildings, etc. This creates the basis for a city that is more active at all hours, with more and denser networks between places and people. That in turn means that we become less dependent on wage labor, which allow us to spend more time on interests and activities that contribute to a more active society.

Small Steps Towards Big Shift

At the same time, common ownership or lending products and services can be developed and become better for the costs can be spread over several. The bottom line is not that our cities will be transformed on a large scale, but a more profound mind-shift in how we perceive and use the built structure and resources at large. Small adaptations will enable shared ownership and management, with more space for the common and unexpected.

Creating Social Abundance

The goal for society is to create social abundance, a new structural layer that is versatile, resilient and diverse. Social fabric is created one room at a time, and have the power to expand across a city. The small group is the unit of transformation and the container for the experience of belonging. This fabric of human relations restores the community to the one of possibility, generosity, and gifts, rather than one of fear, mistakes, and self-interest.

Abundance (noun)

  1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
  2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
  3. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance